# Frequently Asked Questions

Commmonly asked questions are addressed below. Others will be added as we encounter them.

How do I self-host the bot?

You can look at the self-hosting instructions here.

How do I request deletion of my data from Trello Talk's services?

You can remove your user data from Taco with the T!cleardata command. If you want to remove a specific server's data, you can go to the support server.

How can I get the best support?

For support on Taco, visit the support server.

How do I change which channel the webhook goes to?

You can do this by going into Server Settings > Integrations > Webhooks finding the webhook and changing the channel from there.

How do I make updates to my board send to a channel?

Run T!addwebhook and follow the instructions.

How do I change what sends to my webhook?

Use T!editwebhook [webhookID] filters to edit webhook filters.

What is Tali for?

Tali is the renamed instance of the old Trello#5300 application. It has been repurposed into a secondary instance of Taco.