# Frequently Asked Questions

Commmonly asked questions are addressed below. Others will be added as we encounter them.

How do I self-host the bot?

You can look at the self-hosting instructions here.

How do I request deletion of my data from Trello Talk's services?

You can remove your user data from Taco with the T!cleardata command. If you want to remove a specific server's data, you can go to the support server.

How can I get the best support?

For support on Taco, visit the support server.

How do I change which channel the webhook goes to?

You can do this by going into Server Settings > Integrations > Webhooks finding the webhook and changing the channel from there.

How do I make updates to my board send to a channel?

Run T!addwebhook and follow the instructions.

How do I change what sends to my webhook?

Use T!editwebhook [webhookID] filters to edit webhook filters.

What is Tali for?

Tali is the renamed instance of the old Trello#5300 application. It has been repurposed into a secondary instance of Taco.

Why do I need to use slash commands now?

This is a requirement for verified bots in Discord that do not utilize incoming messages for more than just command handling.

Why are my autocomplete results failing?

In some cases, Taco may take longer to initially fetch your board's contents and may fail the first time autocomplete comes up. Any future searches should work after the board contents have been cached.

Why did it say it couldn't find the card when I autocompleted it?

This boils down to a random Discord bug that enters the name of the option rather than the hidden value. Taco will warn you of this, and you can try again later.

Why isn't new updates to cards/lists/etc. showing in commands?

Trello data within boards are cached for 3 hours and may change depending on the commands you use. Card data is cached for 30 minutes.