# Taco Bot Command List

# General

Command Description
help [command] Shows the help message and gives information on commands.
info Get information about the bot.
auth Get the authentication link to connect your Discord account to your Trello account.
donate Get the donation links (Patreon, Ko-fi) for the developer.
github Sends the bot's open source link.
invite Sends the bot invite link.
serverinvite Get the invite for the support server.
locale ["userset"|"serverset"] [locale] Lets you set the locale for you or the server. Run with no arguments for a list of locales.
ping Pong! (Get the response time of the bot)
shardinfo Gives the stats for every shard.
vote Shows links where you can vote Taco on botlists.
prefix ["set"|"add"|"remove"] [prefix] Lets you set the prefixes for you or the server.

# User Management

Command Description
me View information about your Trello account.
switch [boardID|boardName] Selects a board to use for other commands. Use the T!boards command to see what boards you can select.
star [boardName|boardID] Toggles starring a board. If no board is defined, the current board is used. Starred boards will show up at the top of your boards list on Trello.
watch [boardName|boardID] Toggle watching a board. If no board is defined, the current board is used. Watched boards will give you update notifications on Trello.
watchcard [cardName|cardID] Toggle watching a card. Watched cards will give you update notifications on Trello.
watchlist [listName|listID] Toggle watching a list. Watched lists will give you update notifications on Trello.
clearauth Clears your Trello authorization. Do not run this unless you really need to.
cleardata Removes your user data from Taco.

# Webhooks

Command Description
addwebhook [boardID|boardName] Creates a webhook on your server.
editwebhook <webhookID> [subcommand] Edits a webhook on your server.
remwebhook <webhookID> Removes a webhook from your server.
webhook <webhookID> Get information about a specific webhook.
webhooks [page] Lists the webhooks on your server.

# Viewing

Command Description
board Gets information on the current board.
boards [page] Lists all of the boards you can manage.
card [cardName|cardID] Gets information about a specific card.
cardarchive [page] Lists all the archived cards in the current board.
attachment [cardName|cardID] [attachmentName|attachmentID] Shows an attachment that is on a card.
list [listName|listID] [page] Lists all cards in that list.
listarchive [page] Lists all the archived lists in the current board.
lists [page] Lists all of the open lists on the current board. You can see the list archive with T!listarchive.
label [labelName|labelID] Shows information on a label on the current board.
labels [page] Lists all of the labels on the current board.

# Editing

Command Description
addcard [listName|listID] [name] Creates a card.
addlabel [name] Creates a label on the current board.
addlist [name] Creates a list on the current board.
comment [cardName|cardID] [comment] Comment on a card in the current board.
deletelabel [labelName|labelID] Deletes a label.
deletecard [cardName|cardID] Deletes a card.
editboard [subcommand] … Edit the current board's properties.
editcard [cardName|cardID] [subcommand] … Edit a card's properties.
editlabel [labelName|labelID] [subcommand] … Edit a label's properties.
editlist [listName|listID] [subcommand] … Edit a list's properties.